Friday, March 10, 2017

Pinhook School 1833-1953

Pinhook School:  The family with the largest number of years in attendance was the Earl Abernathy family with all thirteen children attending and graduating from Pinhook. Eloise, Chester, William, George, Anna Belle, Helen, Lois, Sidney, Joseph, Laurene, Sylvia, Betty and Sarah attended for a total of  104 years. (13 children  x 8 grades =104 years)  Their father served on the board of Directors, and both of his brothers, Ross and Floris, had also attended Pinhook.

Last students to graduate from Pinhook in 1953
L to R:  Bottom Row: Katie Cronin, Unknown, Barbara Doyle, Donna Parker, Elizabeth Dorsey
2nd Row: John Cronin, Larry N. Green
3rd Row: Teacher Omer Ulrich, Jerry Smith, Jim Cronin, Gary Smith, Ted Morris, Bill Green, Bob Parker
Pinhook Students -1953

Families who lived in the same area often sent generations of students to the local country school. For example at Pinhook at least three generations of families attended: 

Greenlee Family: Marion Greenlee, father of Glenn Greenlee attended Pinhook school in the late 1800's.  Glenn Greenlee and his brothers Calvin, Clyde and Guy attended in the early 1900's. All of Glenn Greenlee's seven children, Beulah, Vilma, Marion, Hazel, Pauline, Joe and Mary also attended.  
Middagh Family: Jesse Middagh attended Pinhook school around 1892.  He also taught at Pinhook and his father Robert Middagh served on the Board of Directors.  All three of Jesse Middagh's children, Dayton, Margaret and Lawrence attended.  J.C.  Middagh, son of Dayton Middagh graduated from Pinhook in 1948.  Larry, son of Lawrence, also attended.

Petty Family: All five children of Josie and Amon Petty attended Pinhook school, Balser Floyd, Calvin, Claris, Crystal and Marie. Crystal taught several years at Pinhook.  Calvin's daughter Marie also attended.  Marie's son Jim English, grandson of Calvin, attended.  After the death of Amon Petty, Josie Petty married Frank Parker.  Their three children, Frank, Mae and Robert attended Pinhook.
Bobby and Donna, children of Robert Parker, also attended. 

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