Friday, March 24, 2017

Local Author Presents Book

Program Monday Night March 27 --7 pm at History Center on the Square
(The Following is the press release sent by the author.)

Phegley Genealogy Inspires Novel

Mike Phegley worked from 1994 till 2009 In Lawrence County.  He was Executive Director of Lawrence Crawford Association for Exceptional Citizens and later Executive Direct of Lawrence Developmental and Support Services.  He was a member of the local Rotary club but he grew up and lived most of his life across the Wabash River in Indiana.

Phegley is an old family name in Sullivan County.  Like many families when researched a generation or two back they were mostly farmers.  Some are farmers still. 

But where had they all come from and how long was their history in America.  Those were the questions that drove Mike Phegley of the Shaker Prairie Phegleys to do a decade of research.   That effort and the additional questions it spawned inspired him to write a new novel: Storms at Kendiamong (available now at Createspace estore, and other more local distribution points).

The book is not a genealogy.  It is historic fiction.  It is, however, based on serious research, which traced his family back to the Delaware River Valley at a time when King George was our sovereign and George Washington was proud to serve in the Kings army. 

Actual historic journals, letters and dispatches are woven into this story of romance and adventure.

You might think the book would be all about the family.  But the only Phegley (spelled then Fegley) character appears rather late in the story and plays more a supporting role.  The story is really about an eastern frontier community (The Minisink Valley) and the families who inhabit it at a critical time (1719-1756).  It is a story of friendship, family and community.  It is also a story of prejudice, hatred and greed.  Ultimately it is a tale of making life choices when the right decisions are anything but clear.

If your family name is, or ever was, Phegley, Davis, Westfall, Decker, Quick, Van Aken, Kuckendal, Reading, Kirkbride, Steel, Taylor, Chapman, Wetherill, Ennis, Cole, Fryenmoet, Grub, Mancius, Mckay, Dietsort, then this story may easily be the story of your ancestors.  For sure it is a real story of the American Eastern Frontier at a time, which many Americans have mostly forgotten.

Mike Phegley’s love of history began in John Hodges 1959 sixth grade history class, Busseron Township School, Oaktown Indiana.  Phegley holds degrees from Vincennes University, Indiana State University and Southern Illinois University.

The author lived for nine years, on the family farm in Haddon Township, Sullivan County near Carlisle.  He grew up attending Shaker Prairie Christian Church. He lived for many years in Vincennes.  He resides now with his wife Brenda and their two dogs in Evansville Indiana where he moved recently to be near his grandchildren. 

You may buy Storms at Kendiamong at:  Shakers Landing Antiques, Willow Street Vincennes or buy it online at Createspace e-store, or