Monday, March 13, 2017

Invention by John Schrader 1862

John Reiber, John Schrader and W. M. Lewis of Bridgeport invented a jointed king-bolt for coupling the front and rear axles of carriages so that the front axle could vibrate laterally when the wheels struck an obstacle  or passed over uneven ground. They received a patent on May 5, 1868 (No. 77,528) 

For all of you engineers it was described as such to the Patent Office:  
Figure 1 is a central section, 
Figure 2 is a front view, and 
Figure 3 is a detail view of the bolt. 

The front axle  is A. 
B is the clip that is united with the king-bolt ,e, upon which the head block d turns by a joint, as shown,  i being the pivot-bolt, passing through the lugs  c c and the eye a.  The brace D is also provided with an eye-joint,  b which allows it to vibrate wit the axle.  The eye-plate f of this joint is bolted to the coupling as shown. 
The application was witnessed by Hugh K Lauterman and Jacob Garing.