Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Humor in 1911

Historical Humor

Humor published in 1911 newspaper:   “My husband amuses me,” said the hostess, “by the excuses he has for being detained downtown of evenings.  Sometimes I can almost hear his brain working out an excuse as he tiptoes up the stairs.”

“My husband,” said the guest, “is different. He is a very systematic man, and some time ago he wrote out a list of various excuses and numbered them. Now when he comes in, he just calls up the stairs, No. #4 or No. #20 or whatever the number may be.”  

More 1911 Humor

Homer: Do you have trouble with your automobile?

Elijah: Trouble!  I couldn’t have more if I were married to the blamed machine. 

(Ed Note:  The researchers were mixed in their feelings about whether these jokes were funny or not...I guess it depends on who you are...)

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