Saturday, March 4, 2017

Comments about Train Wreck and Rare Photos of Locomotives

Among our readers are several train buffs.  After the  February 17, Post with the Train Wreck picture, M Hooks forwarded some photographs of locomotives:
   The engine in the original photo is a 6000 series Class H-5(o or p) 2-8-2 originally built around 1915 for the CCC&StL and the number appears to be 6433.  As indicated, that might place the picture before 1936 when this engine would have been transferred to the NYC and renumbered in the 1500 series.  A few of these were then transferred from the NYC to the Alton & Southern Rwy.  Below are some pictures  for comparison to the wrecked engine.  (Pictures of the CCC&StL engines are rare!!) One has CCC&StL 6719 with a NYC labeled tender and another is the same class engine after NYC renumbering.  

Upon reflection Dr Hooks commented again: The train is the SOUTHBOUND Egyptian,  The Old Christian Church and Rectory are on the distant left in the picture.  The old Spot Cafe and Gas Station are probably behind the trees on the left. See March 12, 2012 blog post for the full story of the accident.

On April 26, 1940 Bridgeport on Parade, a movie, was shown at the Capitol Theater. Clips of local people and schools and clubs were taken by V. M. Bowers around April 4, 1940 and made into a movie.. Does anyone have a copy of this?

If you haven't seen the new documentary about the Bridgeport Fire, Friday 13th, June 1913 stop by the History Center to view it.  A copy of it is for sale.  The proceeds will be used to donate copies to the local schools.  If you are a Lawrence County teacher and would like one, please contact