Friday, February 10, 2017

WWII and Civil War Soldiers

Some of you may remember a post we wrote earlier about  a Texas
Black Bak-a-lite desk telephone,
 Leich, 3 on 32 --
have you seen this phone?
teacher who had been chosen to travel to Europe and give the eulogy for one of the fallen WWII flyers buried in an Italian cemetery.  K. T Carroll  contacted us because Lt John Anthony Boronko had trained at George Field.  She has now created a website about his life and sacrifice. You may view it at

J King believes that the following  article may be about one of our civil War Veterans, who served in Co F 91st Ill Inf.  William Peters had a brother John Peters in the same company and a brother Charles Peters in Co E. 63rd Ill Inf.

 The Chatham Record Pittsboro North Carolina October 16, 1890
Sumner Illinois October 11 – William Peters, of Lukin Township, Illinois, died Friday morning. He was without doubt the largest man in the country, his weight being 400 pounds. Thursday he requested the undertaker to order a coffin for him, saying he was going to die at 6:00 AM Friday; that there were no coffins large enough for him here and one would have to be made. The undertaker at once ordered one and it came on the midnight train. It was one of the largest ever sent out. Within 20 minutes of the time peters predicted he expired.