Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Shooting of the Allison Constable

Lawrence County News
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October 1, 1924

Alex O’Brien, 51, of Allison Constable, was shot three times by a party of unknown men at the Evans camp just above the Wabash Bridge Friday morning. After the shooting the men escaped in a car.

Reports of wild doings at the camp reached Constable O’Brien and he went over to investigate. While talking to one of the inmates of the camp, three men approached and started shooting. After O’Brien fell they searched him taking his watch, money and revolver. O’Brien was taken to the hospital in Vincennes and at first it thought his wounds would prove fatal, but it is now thought he will recover.

(Ed.Comment;   It is unknown who took him to the Vincennes hospital. Could it be that the shooters and robbers had a change of heart and took the Constable to the hospital as they escaped?)