Saturday, February 25, 2017

Telephone Operator Renders Aid

Lawrence County News  October 10, 1961 Telephone Operator Answers Call of Need

On October 6 that Barbara Wright answered a telephone call at the Lawrenceville exchange and all she heard was “Please call the hospital, I need help.”  She immediately contacted Kathryn Marx, assistant chief operator telling her that someone at phone 832 was in trouble, and Miss Marx learned that the call came from the phone of Mrs. Ella Zanetis.  She knew that Helen Kounelis, an employee of the hospital is a daughter of Mrs. Zanetis, and called her. 

When Mrs. Kounelis arrived at her mother’s home she learned that her mother had fallen and broken a wrist and was in a state of shock.  She had her taken to Memorial Hospital and treatment was started.  

The quick thinking on the part of the two telephone employees saved Mrs. Zanetis many hours of suffering. 

Don't forget the meeting on Monday Night at 7 pm at the History Center about Telephones in Lawrence County.