Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday's News

Going through the photographs the History Center has for George Field, we found this photo.  We need help identifying the town with the parade and marching WACs. . Is that Vincennes in the background?

Bridgeport Leader October 22, 1942 To Celebrate Golden Wedding
EB Claycomb and wife were both born in Lawrence County near Bridgeport in the year 1872 and were married in the year 1892, October 27.  They are old residents of Bridgeport although they lived in Indiana two years near Warsaw; in Mississippi two years in Greenville on business connected with his work of dredging, and also in Louisiana two years on a large plantation. They have four children: Mrs. John Diver of Flora; Mrs. Sherill Reynolds of Rock Hill, South Carolina; Mrs. Estel Douglas of Oklahoma City and George Claycomb of Kansas City, Missouri.   (Ed. Note:  The newspaper thought it was important to note they had been married 50 years but not to give the name of the wife.)

After there was a post about the town of Hadley, H Fiscus wrote that he remembered being told stories from his older relatives  of traveling to the Hadley Mill in a wagon to have flour and corn meal  ground. Then fossil fueled locomotives made a stop for  water out of a small pond  that would now pass as 'a shallow bird bath.'  There was a community dug well apparently hidden in Hadley. It was shoveled by hand through solid rock for quite a depth  as Hadley had no natural water wells.  Several in the Hadley community relocated to Sumner where water was easy to dig for and  the older relatives referred to Sumner as built over quick sand. Sandra Conner and the writer were the last first graders at Hadley school. It closed the next year.