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News in 1903 from the Northeastern part of the County

Robinson Constitution  (researched by David F)

APRIL 22, 1903
Rev Horn, of Russellville will preach at Wesley Chapel next Sunday.
 A negro named Gabe Lewis broke jail in Lawrenceville Tuesday evening about six o'clock. Sheriff Swan (of Crawford County) was notified by telephone to be on the look-out for him, and Friday about two o'clock a man answering the description of the escaped negro was noticed at the I.C. depot trying to work his way to Effingham on a freight. When he saw he was being watched by the officers at the depot he grew very uneasy and started down the railroad track and was promptly halted by the sheriff, who was accompanied by City Marshal Henry and Constable Briggs. The prisoner denied his identity for a while, but when he found he would be held for identification he confessed he was the man wanted and Sheriff Swan took him to Lawrenceville on the night train. Lewis said he had access to the jail to carry coal and on one of his trips broke open the door and escaped.

MAY 13, 1903
Rev Bray and family were called to Lawrenceville Thursday by the sudden death of Mrs. Bray's brother, Fred Cup.
 Marriage License: Willie Meek age 31 Russellville; Emma J. McKibben age 26-Heathsville

MAY 20, 1903
Judge Newlin adjourned court Saturday morning till June 9. On account of other business, he could not finish the term next week. Many of the heaviest cases were disposed this week. Four were sentenced to a term in the reform school at Chester.
     "Cot" Stinger and "Kimmy" Shoulders were charged with burglary and larceny were convicted of the latter. Stingler on account of age was sentenced to the reform school and Shoulders goes to Chester. Both are under the parole law. Ed Allison was sentenced to the reform school for burglarizing Gooch's clothing store, Gabe Lewis (colored) who stole a horse and buggy from Mr. Walker, of the prairie, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison at Chester, making four of the six who have been in jail the past few months sent to prison.
 Gabe Lewis is the negro who broke jail at Lawrenceville a few weeks ago and was captured in our city by Sheriff Swan and Marshal Henry and returned to Lawrenceville by our officers.
 Ben Davis age 42 of Birds and Miss Hannah Carter age 40 from Villas were married Sunday. They will live on the John Weger's place, west of Birds.
 Dr. Applegate, of Pinkstaff was in Birds Saturday.
 The people of Westport are very much dissatisfied with the  arrangement of the R.F.D. route. They claim that if the distributing office is at Lawrenceville, high waters will prevent them from getting their mail.
 C.C. Baker, Big Four station agent of Birds, and C.D. Hill, his assistant, were in Robinson making their report and assisting in the office of the Big Four a few days last week.

MAY 27, 1903
The Westport-Klingler Telephone line is being constructed from Birds to the range road.
 Some of our people (Palestine) attended the Baptist camp meeting at Russellville last Tuesday night.