Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kroger Store photos

Some comments about recent posts:
Desk phone, Stromberg Carlson
Black Bak-a-lite about 1928--
have you seen this phone?

When we posted about Lanterman Park, J Petty commented that he was a charter member of the Bridgeport Little League that began in 1955.  They did not have a home run fence but instead used a chalk line.

Dr. M L Hooks commented that the age of Lee Marx in the second article posted Jan 11, (Man Shot Expectant Daughter-in-Law) should be 57 or 58 , and not 52.   

J L Elliott forwarded the photographs below taken in the late forties of the Lawrenceville Kroger Store.  The first photo of the produce department shows from left to right: Mac Irish, Produce Manager, Ella Henry, head of  Dairy and Frozen Food Department, Ted Dyer, Store Manager, Richard Lukens, Grocery Clerk, and Charles (Chuck) Elliott, Head Grocery Clerk.   The second photo of the check-out, from left to right, Mildred Whipkey, Checker with Ted Dyer bagging, Middle check stand, Checker, unknown, with Chuck Elliott bagging, and the last check stand, Alice Fry, Checker.  Customers are unknown.

(Editor’s comment: The donor married the handsome Chuck Elliott in 1950 and they celebrated their 66th anniversary last year. Chuck worked for Kroger until December of 1951 when he enlisted in the Air Force for four years.  After the service, he went to work for IBM and was with them for 37 years until he retired.  He worked as a computer technician in the Alton, Illinois area where they made their home and also worked in the St. Louis area going where he was needed to fix a computer. The donor’s married name was Lockhart. She had seven sisters and two brothers, but only three of her sisters survive.   Two of her sisters married Kirkwoods who owned the Kirkwood Dairy years ago.)