Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fred, Son of Jesse Dubois

Ed Note:  This article is about the son of Jesse K Dubois.

The following is from the New York Star refers to an Illinois boy whose early life was spent at Lawrenceville:

"Speaking of the territories, I dined with Fred T. Dubois, of Idaho, at his Hoffman house last week. He is another man who came to New York dressed like a cowboy, and reformed. He always stops at the Hoffman house, and the first thing he does when he comes to town is to rig himself up in the latest style so that he is one of the best dressed men in town, as he was in New Haven before he graduated from Yale in 1872. He was born in Illinois in 1851, and went to Idaho in 1880, where he immediately became prominent in politics. He was elected a delegate to Congress in 1886, and still sits there. He is a very tall and slender man, with a voice that is music itself. His manner is mild and almost timid, but when he gets home he is the greatest hustler in Idaho. He is one of the best after dinner speakers in Washington, and devotes his energies to showing how much Idaho deserves to be elevated to statehood, and is sure that he will succeed in having the necessary bill passed within a year. If he does he will hold very high honors in Idaho and justly so. Mr. Dubois is a ready speaker, smooth in language and witty in repartee. He looks more like a trained athlete than a politician, but his career shows that he knows what the people of Idaho went. He leaves his big hat and high boots, his woolen shirt and 38 caliber pistol at the Hoffman House when he arrives, but always changes his fashionable raiment for them when he leaves for home."

The gentleman spoken of above is the son of Hon. Jesse K. Dubois, who at one time held the land office here when it was located at Palestine many years ago. He was Auditor of State and is well remembered by the old citizens of Crawford County. The editor of The Argus (George W. Harper) is personally and somewhat intimately acquainted with his son, Fred, and we are much pleased to hear that he is making of himself a distinguished record.