Saturday, February 11, 2017

Centerville Family Trees and Gillespie Cemetery

Earlier last month J. Brunson took the 5th and last  in a series of large notebooks on the families buried at Centerville. Located on  the lower left shelf in  the  obit room near the cemetery information of the Research Library, these notebooks contain the family trees constructed from the Obits that R. Robeson researched to help prepare for the Centerville Cemetery tour.  I think we always knew that cemeteries contained family connections, but we didn't know just how intertwined the families were until we saw Ms.  Brunson's work. Thank you for this valuable research aid.  

When S. Gillespie, a land surveyor, asked about the Gillespie Cemetery,  John King responded by describing its location. It’s located in a woods, just to the west of an oil tank battery of the Loeb Oil Co, and across the road from the residence of Dan & Dottie Buchanan.  There are 4 tombstones there.  The cemetery is on land purchased by John Gillespie in the 1820s and 1830s that became the farm of his son, Samuel Gillespie in 1875.  John even found the original land patent comprising the original farm of John Gillespie.

photo provided by S Gillespie

John and Mary Gillespie were S. Gillespie’s 4G Grandparents.  One of the four tombstones there belongs to John who died December 27, 1845 age 78. Another belongs to Mary his wife who died December 1846, age 69.

John and Mary’s son, William and his wife, Elizabeth were S. Gillespie’s 3G Grandparents.  Their son George and his wife, Calvina Martin were his 2G grandparents. Their son Frederick and his wife Laura Belle (Fullilove) were his Great Grandparents.

The third tombstone belonged to Robert Gillespie, who died January 23, 1855 aged 50 years, 4 months and 2 days. 

The fourth tombstone identified by Irene Black in 1976 was for Amanda E., daughter of W. and C . Gillespie, died November 12, 1848, aged 1 year, 3 month, with a footstone –A.R.? Perhaps even more lie in this peaceful country cemetery. 

Don’t forget cemetery researchers, that these cemeteries lie on private land, so please seek permission before entering.