Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Willard Baker Disappearance Still a Mystery

Does this story sound "fishy" to you readers? 

The Daily Record, June 2, 1932
Father of Missing Man Unaware of Disappearance of Chauncey Man; Gives Description

That his father, Asa Baker, was unaware of Willard Baker’s disappearance was learned when a letter from Mr. Baker, who lives in Winona, addressed to his son arrived today.
After Willard disappeared last Tuesday, his cousin, David Baker, with whom he was staying, wrote Asa Baker to see if his son had returned home for a visit.  The father’s letter, which was received today, was mailed before David’s letter arrived, but indicated that the father was unaware of any intention of Willard in leaving Chauncey Tuesday, May 24.
The only clue to the disappearance is that on the Sunday before he left, Willard had spoken to friends of going to the harvest fields.  Though he was silent and uncommunicative by nature, relatives consider it unlikely that he would leave without telling anyone.
Willard took no money or clothes with him on the night he disappeared.  He was driving his 1923 Ford coupe, which was equipped with a sunshade and which carried two spare tires in the rear.  In talking of going to the harvest fields two days earlier, he said he intended to sell the Ford.
On Tuesday, May 24, Willard announced that he was going to Landes store to get some tobacco.  When he got there he met Dale and Ray Waggoner, and went to the show at Oblong with them.  They returned to Landes after the show, and sat on the porch of the store for a while before the Waggoner boys left for home.  Twenty or thirty minutes later Willard left, driving away in his Ford.  He did not reach home and no word has been heard from him.
Willard Baker is 27 years old, nearly six feet tall, weighs 170 pounds, has brown hair, blue eyes and is of medium complexion.  When he last left the David Baker home he was dressed in his work clothes, overalls, a gray shirt, a tan jacket sweater, and a light cap.All his other clothes were left at the house with several dollars belonging to him.  It is believed he had little money with him.

In view of his lack of preparation for a trip, and his failure to tell anyone, it is not considered likely that he started to the harvest fields, or undertook any trip of great length.  Whether he left voluntarily and knowingly, or whether he suffered loss of memory, or was taken away by force is still a mystery.

 The Vincennes Sun Commercial, June 17. 1932

Willard Baker Working in Kansas

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ill, --The long search for Willard Baker who disappeared from his Chauncey home on May 24 has been ended with the word from the sheriff at Winsfield, Kansas that Baker is there with relatives and is working in that vicinity.
Baker was last seen on the evening of May 24 when he started home from Landes in his Ford coupe but failed to arrive at home and nothing could be learned of his whereabouts for several days.  His relatives here became alarmed and an extensive search was started for him.
The telegram from the sheriff at Winsfield, Kansas received here today by local authorities asked that the relatives here be informed of his whereabouts.