Friday, January 27, 2017

The Steamboat- Piankasha

Vincennes Vignette January 18, 1973 Capt. D. A. Horrall’s new steamboat, which was built at this wharf, is now completed and ready to make her trial trip, said the Commercial 81 years ago. (1892)  Capt. Horrall at first expected to call his boat the City of Vincennes, but after having once named it that, he was prevailed upon to change it to the Piankasha. This was the name of the original tribe of Indians who inhabited this region before the Old Post was settled.  The steamboat, Piankasha is a neat and seaworthy craft and was built expressly to ply the Wabash, both above and below the city, with Vincennes as her headquarters.

To read more about Steamboats on the Wabash, purchase the Book of the Month:  Water,Water Everywhere at the Research Library, the History Center or on-line here.

Don't forget Movie Day at the History Center this Saturday.  At 10:00 o'clock and 1:00 o'clock, our newest documentary will be shown.... The Making of Water Ways.  Professionally done by volunteers Ellen White and Marsha Walton, this 24 minute film shows what it took to acquire and produce the complimentary exhibits for the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit. From photos taken throughout the year before the Exhibit arrived in Lawrencville to interviews from the Grand Opening Reception, this movie will make you proud  of our organization and the community as a whole.  Copies have been sent to the Smithsonian and Illinois Humanities and the response has been terrific. The film has also been nominated for a Illinois State Historical Society Award.   Don't miss this premier viewing.