Friday, January 6, 2017

Ten things to Do this Year

Ten things to do this year....

1.       Join the Lawrence County Historical Society.

2.       Pay your dues. If you were to send extra money as a donation we wouldn't be mad.

3.       Volunteer to work at the History Center or the Research Library..

4.      Check out our website regularly

5.      Find that photo of your Civil War ancestor and give it to John King, Mike Neal or Dan Scherer.

6.       Make copies of your family history files and photos for the Research Library Files.

7.      Attend our meetings on the 4th Monday of  each month aas well as our other events.

8.     Write an article for the Newsletter or help research or transcribe for the blog.

9.       Buy one of our books...or better yet, buy two and give one as a gift.

10.     Tell a friend to subscribe to Lawrence Lore.