Monday, January 30, 2017

Scrap Drive for War Effort

Bridgeport Leader October 15, 1942 The Bridgeport Parent-Teacher Association will devote Saturday, October 17 to a house-to house canvas of the city of Bridgeport for salvage materials so necessary in the war effort. Trucks will call for the scrap and will be herald by bugles. Upon hearing the bugles, housewives are asked to make it known to the trucks whether or not they have scrap. Mrs. C.D. Lewis, president of the Association, asks the cooperation of all citizens in having their waste material in readiness. The proceeds from the drive will be used to carry out the year’s program of the PTA.

The paper reported the next week that the drive netted many pounds of scrap. Four trucks were used with a driver and helper on each truck. Donors of trucks and drivers were: Ohio Oil Company, Elvis Smith, driver; Big Four truck, William Holloway, driver; Snowden’s truck, ‘Red’ Craig, driver and Illinois Pipeline truck, Ralph Murray driver. Assistants on these trucks were Dallas Peters, Walter Dickerson, Cloyd Rudesill and Earl McCracken. Buglers were John Robert England, Dolores Clarke, Forest Glen Creek, and Dickie Kirk. The largest individual donation was made by W R Dunathan who gave 3535 pounds of scrap which netted $17.34. The total amount collected was 11,685 pounds which added $68.32 to the PTA treasury.

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