Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Prolific Mothers of St Francisville 1875

Vincennes Weekly Sun August 28, 1875

The region about St. Francisville is one of the most prolific we have ever heard of. One woman down there is the mother of 19 healthy children, another has been the mother of 21 youngsters, but several have died. The one who has obeyed the scripture the most implicitly is Mrs. H – – – who is the mother of 25 children, 19 daughters and seven sons and as she is still a healthy woman, it is more than probable that, that the number will be considerably augmented before her death.

One of Mrs. H’s sons had been married three times before he was 21 years old and was the father of six children.

The above is vouched for by one of the most estimable ladies of the locality, and we believe it to be true in every particular.