Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mistakes Lye for Coffee

June 21, 1928 Vincennes Morning Commercial 
Mistakes Lye For Coffee --Is Seriously Ill

John Brooks, watchmen at the Indian Refinery, is seriously ill at his home on S. 7th St. Lawrenceville, as a result of drinking a portion of a cup of concentrated  lye  which he mistook for coffee. Although he was severely burned and a portion of the lie was taken into his stomach, it is believed he will recover.

Mr. Brooks returned home from work Tuesday evening. He was tired, and as was his custom, went to the kitchen to pour out and drink a cup of coffee. There were two coffee boilers on the stove; but one was empty. It was dark in the room, and he did not pay particular attention to the color of the liquid he poured from the other coffeepot. He poured some cream into the filled cup, and then raised the cup to his lips. He took a big swallow before he detected his serious mistake.

His son happened to come home at that time, and realizing the serious nature of the mistake, rushed his father to the office of Dr. R. R. Trueblood, who gave him medical attention. He was resting better today, but is still suffering intensely from the burns of the lie.

An explanation for the mistake was the fact that Mr. Brooks’ daughter, Miss Dorothy, had been cleaning out the coffee boiler which was discolored from coffee stains and had left the lie contents in the boiler while she was at work in another part of the house. It was purely an accident, but one that might have proved very serious.