Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Father Kills Son and Expectant Daughter-in-Law

In doing research for an upcoming book about murders in Lawrence County the researchers found these two articles.  

Sullivan Daily Times March 19, 1946    

Father Admits Firing Shots Fatal to Son

Lee Marx, 56 years old, held in jail at Lawrenceville, admitted today, States Attorney Maurice Gosnell said, that he fired the shots which caused the death of his 21-year-old son, Forrest Ray Marx who died in a Vincennes Hospital Sunday.

Gosnell said the elder Marx would be held pending a grand jury investigation of the shooting.

Gosnell said Marx told him that the son came home intoxicated Saturday night and created a disturbance. Attempts to quiet the son were futile, the father said, and he and his wife retired to their bedroom.

The States Attorney said the father related that the son came into the bedroom and lunged at him. The father said he then fired at his son.

George Armstrong, a neighbor said he found the son lying wounded along the road near the Marx home. Armstrong quoted the youth as saying ‘dad shot me.’ The son had received a medical discharge recently from the Army.

The Daily Independent,Murphysboro, Illinois   November 29, 1948 

Man Who Shot Expectant Mother Gets 1 To 14 Years in Redding, California

Lee Marx, 52, convicted of assault with intent to kill his daughter-in-law, today was sentenced to from 1 to 14 years in prison. That is the indeterminate term prescribed by law for the crime. Marx, formally of Lawrenceville, Illinois, took the sentence calmly. He did not speak.

Marx shot and crippled Martha Marx, 26, after accusing her of being unfaithful to his son, Ivan. The shooting of Mrs. Marx, an expected mother, occurred in nearby Burney. Marx then was out under $10,000 bail on a murder indictment accusing him of slaying another son, Ray, during a drinking party in Lawrenceville in March 1947.

Ed Note:  Lee Marx died in 1972 In Terre Haute