Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Don't Attack the Newspaper Editor

November 9, 1867 The Princeton Daily Clarion of Princeton Indiana
Man Shot;  Served Him Right

Ben Watson, of Bridgeport, went into the Lawrenceville Illinois  Journal office, and threatened to kill the editor, Mr. Lukin, clean out the office, etc. etc. at the same time flourishing a large Bowie knife.  

Mr. Lukin ordered him out, but instead of leaving, Mr. Watson showed a disposition to carry out his threats, whereupon Lukin drew a bead on him with a shotgun, pulled the  trigger and gave him the contents consisting of a pretty good charge of buckshot. The shot took effect in the upper part of his arm and shoulder lacerating the limb terribly and cutting the sinews.

 It is needless to say that Watson postponed his contemplated job. Lukin had a preliminary examination and was promptly discharged. The occurrence took place last Wednesday.