Saturday, January 28, 2017

Congratulations- You Did It!

Congratulations You Did It!
Lawrence Lore, the Blog has been viewed by over 200,000 readers since it went on line in August of 2009.  This is extraordinary! Quite an unusual feat for the small non-profit world, and particularly for local Historical Societies!

As the editor, I believe there are two reasons for the blog's success.  First is the research talent that resides in the Historical Society.  John, Kevin, Kaye, David, Joanne, and many others find amazing stories to pass on to me.  Without their assistance the blog would not be as interesting or informative as many of you have said it is.   

The second reason for the blog's success is you. Without your loyality the blog would have died.

By the way, the number 200,000 is from the actual counter on the site itself.  It doesn't add in the 320 emails that get sent each night to those of you who have subscribed for the blog to be emailed directly to your mailbox.  If those were counted for each of the 1940 individual blogs that have been sent out, that would increase the number by over one half million.  That's pretty darn amazing!  

So I would like to personally thank you for being a reader of the Blog. Encourage your friends to check it out, and subscribe.

In addition, our website has had over 16,180 hits.  If you are not a regular viewer there I would encourage you to become familiar with all the information that is provided on this award winning site also.