Monday, January 2, 2017

Co H 4th Infantry, Militia Reserve Lawrenceville

If you have explored our website Lawrence you have seen the photo of Co H, 4th Infantry standing on the Courthouse Laqwn in front of the Avalon theater.  On the back of a second original photograph recently received into our military archives is writtent this:

"Grather-George Heath 2nd from the left of the Point man
?Ashcraft behind point man. "

We later found a hadnwritten list identifying all the men in the photo; however, we don't know who the author of the list was.  Perhaps some of you history detectives can figure this out from the clues the writter provides.  .
Militia Reserve, Co H 4th Infantry
 Copied exactly as written:

Militia Picture
Left to Right: Capt R. E. Rominger in the background by the cars.
Pvt D Stealy
Corp Basil McCoy (D) about 1941-42
Pvt Sid Patton
Pvt Everst Wells
Pvt Roy Walker
Pvt Guy Baldwin
Pfc. Ralph Phillips --background behind George?
Corp George Heath -"my brother" (D)
1st Sgt William Ashcraft behind George and Phillips? (D)
Corp Sam Brookhart*--"in his 90's now"
Lt F. A. Richy -Background by cars behind Mac
Corp Mac Jackman (D)
Pfc Paul Goodlink
Pfc Bus Land
Pfc ? Barrix
Sgt  F L Judy
Pfc Laudermilk
Pfc C Basleton
Pfc Dick Winget (D)
Pfc Carroll Wagoner (D) "Gary's Dad"

* Sam Brookhart became educator -married Martha Cunningham (Roscoe's sister) Fred farms for him"
Basil McCoy- became farmer- lost his arm in a farm equipment accident."