Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bob Meeksand the Cherokee Connection

Mr and Mrs Meeks examine Indian jewelry in their home workshop. 

From an undated and unnamed magazine clipping found in the files at the Research Library was an article about a local resident with native American connections. 
       A family heritage led to two interesting hobbies for Bob Meeks, of Bridgeport, IL. Over the years Bob  became a skilled worker in polishing, cutting and engraving stones and a collector of Cherokee Indian lore. These hobbies were inherited from his great grandfather, a Cherokee of the Eastern branch. One of his prized Native American items was a Liberty Peace coin, dated 1793, given to his great-grandfather by the French government insuring the Cherokees freedom from slavery. According to tribal word, his great-grandfather was the keeper of legends for the tribe – legends that were handed down from one generation to the next by word-of-mouth. Bob was also interested in Native American dancing, and ceremonies, and naturally unusual stone and bead carvings. Bob continued as the keeper of legends, and on his vacation, he and his wife would go to the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina where they visited the Eastern branch of the tribe. A member of the tribe, he had their confidence and was a welcome visitor.

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