Monday, January 23, 2017

Accidents at George Field

Accidents at George Field
Flight training was a dangerous operation. There were many planes in the air at once and they did a lot of night flying in all kinds of bad weather. The following is a partial listing of some of the accidents that occurred at George Field during World War II.  Information is from the Lawrence County News.

April 22, 1943: AT – 10 crashes near Petersburg, Indiana. Both pilots safe. Plane destroyed.

May 6, 1943: AT – 10 crashes 2 miles south of the field. Two cadets killed.

September 16, 1943: AT – 10 crashes on take-off.  Instructor and cadet killed.

February 17, 1944 Two training planes collide circling field. Nine killed.

June 15, 1944: AT – 10 runs out of gas over Xenia. Cadets bail out safely. Plane crashes in cemetery.

March 8, 1945: Two planes collide at night over the field. One crashes and two officers killed. Other  plane lands safely.

February 25, 1945: Two accidents claim four lives. Glider accident on Field kills one officer. On same day, a C – 47 transport plane caught fire south east of Robinson. Plane crash- lands at George killing three. Two airmen survived.

April 12, 1945: C – 46 crashes near field. Two officers killed.