Friday, December 23, 2016

Return Home in Ambulance

The Vincennes Commercial, December 24, 1929

Party of Nimrods Returning From Hunting Trip Come to Grief Near Carmi.
   Lawrenceville, Ill.  Dec 23—Ending their hunting trip by returning home in an ambulance was the experience of four popular Lawrenceville nimrods Saturday afternoon.
   One member of the party, Dick Eaton, chemist at the Indian Refinery, is in the hospital at Vincennes recovering from injuries.  The other three members of the party, Calvin Harrod, Tyler Andrews and Mordecai Brown, escaped injury although an ambulance was used to transport them from the scene of an automobile accident near Carmi to this city.
   The quartet had been down to Olive Branch, near Cairo on a hunting trip, but the sudden turn to severe winter weather spoiled the hunt and they were returning home.  They were riding in Mr. Harrod’s Studebaker, having removed the chains previous  to encountering some of the ice on the highway near Carmi.
   Mr. Andrews volunteered to take the wheel for a while to relieve Mr. Harrod, who had been piloting the car.
   All went along well until they started over a steep hill.  The side of the hill was covered with a layer of ice and the car decided against traveling straight.  After a sensational experience of sliding and rolling, the occupants found themselves in a ditch at the bottom of a hill.
   Mr. Eaton was the only member of the party who discovered he was injured.  He decided that a hospital was the place for him.
   After arranging to have the car removed to a garage for repairs, the uninjured members of the wreck party negotiated with the owner of an ambulance to bring Mr. Eaton home.  They accepted the hospitality of the ambulance driver and made the remainder of the trip home with him.