Friday, December 9, 2016

New Gas Station 1916

Lawrenceville Republican November 23, 1916
New Gasoline Station

Paul Lewis and Hayes Bale have purchased a new Hull Automatic gasoline station and installed it in front of Lewis Drug store on the north east corner of the public square. This is something new, and is a slot machine in operation.

The driver of an automobile stops at the station, adjusts the filling hose, then drops a coin representing his desire as to amount wanted into the machine and it fills the automobile tank to that amount. 

Three slots are available, 1 for 25 cents, one for 50 cents and 1 for a dollar. The machine is set for the price per gallon and the coin falling in the machine fills to that amount. Thus if gas is 20 cents per gallon a dollar fills five gallons. It will no doubt be popular as the supply is available at all times whether anyone is about or not. The station is a handsome piece of furniture and has an electric light in the top.