Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Injuries Sustained in Refinery Explosion 1928

After the terrible explosion at the refinery: 

Vincennes Morning Commercial August 18, 1928 Eight of Nine Victims Improving

Of the nine remaining victims of the Indian Refining Company still explosion who are yet in the Good Samaritan hospital, the condition of Sylvester Plough  is the most serious, and his recovery is reported as doubtful.

The other eight victims, John Hipsher Jr, Herbert Schramm, WF Burbank, Charles Cummins, Frank Stout, Ralph Childress, CE Pinkstaff, and Eli Wood, are reported showing satisfactory improvement and it is now believed that all eight will recover completely from the burns that caused the death of 26 of about 75 men caught by the ill-fated explosion of the steam still on the morning of August 1.

The morale of the remaining victims has shown remarkable improvement during the past week, and the men who a week ago expected the same fate that removed 26 of their number, are now determined to survive and recover.

Although the external burns of several of the men are severe, their wounds are healing nicely, and unless unexpected complications develop there is now every reason to believe that they will be able to leave the hospital within a short time probably several days, and return to their homes.

The men in Lawrenceville, who were treated at home for their burns by Dr. RR Trueblood, company physician, and other doctors, are rapidly recovering, as well as the four men who were taken to the Olney sanitarium and later discharged. Many of the men are now able to leave their homes and are mingling with friends on the street receiving congratulations over their miraculous escape from death.

Dr. Trueblood is kept busy addressing the burns of the men and has won the fullest respect of the men for his untiring work in administering to them. A remarkable feature of the entire affair is that many of the men seriously burned will not carry scars of any consequence due to the skillful manner in which they were treated.