Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hair Contributed to War Effort

Lawrenceville Daily Record
January 7, 1943

Mrs. Robert F. Smith, of 1114 12th Street has contributed 4 oz of her long blond hair to the war effort. The hair is used to manufacture of scientific and industrial weather instruments.

Mrs. Smith said today she had received a letter from the Julien P. Friez and Sons Company in Towson Md. stating that her contribution was found to possess the necessary qualifications for the special purpose.

Several years ago Mrs. Smith had her hair cut to conform with the current style. It was laid away and almost forgotten until recently when it was drawn from its wrapper and sent into the fight.

Under the plan of the weather instrument company, all hair received and found suitable is placed in a “Pool.” At the end of each month clerks total the amount of hair used from the pool and compute its worth at $1.50 an ounce. Checks are then made on the company and then sent to the USA and Red Cross National Head Quarters.

To be of any use in this special work ,the hair must be straight, blonde, untouched by chemicals, hot irons, waving machines etc., and of at least 14 inches in length.

Note from Researcher Kevin B :  The Julien P Friez & Sons Company was part of the Bendix Co. A  large  building  was built for the weather devices they were manufacturing. I could  not find details of how the hair was actually used, but the instruments measured rain, snow and wind etc. )