Monday, December 5, 2016

G W Carruthers, Attorney 1834

G W Carruthers residing in Lawrenceville near the Wabash River and on the Great Western Mail Route leading from Louisville, Kentucky to St. Louis, Missouri opened a general agency office. He offered his services in the following business:
  1.      Collections
  2.    Investigation of land titles and purchase of real estate
  3.     Lawsuits involving real estate
  4.   Foreclosure of mortgages, taking depositions of nonresidents, inspecting and transcribing public records and recording deeds etc.
  5.     Settling  estates of deceased persons
  6.    Acquisition of land, bounty, pensions etc. which was allowed for military services rendered or monies advanced to the United States or Virginia
  7.    Writing of bonds, deeds, indentures and mortgages in a form, neat and correct, payable in    country produce

As he had lived in the Western country nearly 25 years and was acquainted with such places as would “unite good health, with good soil and water, and all with convenient facilities for market, immigrants would probably find it much to their advantage to make selections of land through him for a small compensation.” He also stated that he could  practice in Supreme and Circuit courts.

 October 1, 1834