Thursday, December 22, 2016

Don't Mess with Her

Vincennes (Ind.) Commercial, December 24, 1929
Unarmed Woman Routs Daring Street Robber

Mrs. Sherman Sutherland, Accosted by Bandit Saturday Night, Puts Up Convincing Argument and Saves Purse From Robber.
Lawrenceville, Ill. Dec. 23—An unarmed woman Saturday night, returning home after an evening spent Christmas shopping, put to complete route a lone bandit who attempted to rob her of her purse on West State street.
   The woman was Mrs. Sherman Sutherland.  She was accompanied by a neighbor whose name was not learned.
    The women were walking home and were near the city limits when the bandit accosted them instructing Mrs. Sutherland to hand over her purse.
   She looked at him for a brief second, and then calmly placing her Christmas packages she had purchased on the pavement, began a forceful argument against being robbed.  The bandit was not long in determining that he had accosted the wrong victim, and realizing that Mrs. Sutherland was getting the upper hand of the situation began flight.
   The incident recalled to memory of Lawrenceville citizens Mrs. Sutherland’s patriotic spirit manifested during the world war.

   With the ranks of the Indian Refining company force of workmen depleted by the call to service, Mrs. Sutherland, willing to do her bit, donned overalls and went to work as a boiler maker’s helper at the plant, continuing in the service for several months.