Monday, December 12, 2016

Allison 1891- Phillip Bible and J R Walker

On November 8, 1891 the Vincennes Commercial ran a special section on Allison Township, Lawrence County. Six local men were featured in this article.  Each day this week we will be presenting one or two of these 'advertisements.'

Allison – a beautiful Prairie as far as the eye can reach – the finest farmlands in the country – Allison Township, one of the most flourishing communities in Lawrence County

Allison, Illinois was once known as Centerville. It has long been the post office and trading point of the farmers of Allison Prairie, in the midst of which is situated this beautiful Hamlet. It is some 6 miles from Vincennes on the Russellville and Vincennes Road and is a way station for the Russellville mail hack. It is located in the midst of a beautiful rolling prairie surrounded by magnificent farms, and is one of the prettiest portions of Lawrence County. As far as the eye can reach may be seen great fields of wheat and corn. It has a church, store, blacksmith shop and one physician.

Phillip Bible, merchant. Here in the midst of this beautiful Prairie, Mr. Bible conducts a general store, in which the post office of Allison is kept. He keeps a nice line of dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, notions of all kinds, gents furnishing goods, groceries, tin, glass and queensware, cigars, tobacco and hardware. His line of dry goods and notions is a well selected stock of goods and is very large. His stock of staple and fancy groceries is fresh and well kept. His prices are low and affords people of Allison Prairie a trading point where they can get the very best goods at the lowest margin they can be sold for anywhere. 

J R Walker, blacksmith, woodworker, farmer and stock raiser. Mr. Walker’s shop is located at Allison, where he does all kinds of blacksmithing and wood work in the most approved style. His large and steadily increasing patronage is ample proof of his workmanship. He is an intelligent and industrious gentleman. His shop being located in the central portion of Allison Prairie, one of the richest agricultural portions of Lawrence County, give him a wide field of patronage and he is giving complete satisfaction. Mr. Walker is also a farmer of no mean ability, and resides on his farm nearby, which he is pushing equal to most other farmers and raises fine crops of grain and other farm products. He takes a lively interest in the welfare of his neighborhood and County. He is a hearty good-natured fellow whose hand is extended at all times to give one welcome. He raises some good stock. He understands his trade thoroughly and also knows what a farmer wants when he comes to a shop for work, and does it with dispatch and precision.