Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Allison 1891- Joseph Tolles

On November 8, 1891 the Vincennes Commercial ran a special section on Allison Township, Lawrence County. Six local men were featured in this article.  Each day this week we will be presenting one or two of these 'advertisements.'

Joseph D Tolles, farmer. Mr. Tolles came to Chicago from the East in 1837 and in 1853 he located in Lawrence County on the beautiful Allison Prairie where he has since resided. He has as fine a farm as anyone would wish to own, consisting as it does of 550 acres of beautiful rolling prairie land, on which is situated the beautiful Walnut Grove near Allison, which may be seen for miles, and is known throughout the country. His family consists of himself, wife and two daughters who reside at their charming Prairie home near Allison post office. His farm is one of the best improved farms in the country. He has a large two-story frame house, large barn and other farm buildings, which is always a sign of thrift. His corn this season will average 55 bushels to the acre, and has averaged as high as 85 bushels per acre. He has sold wheat as high as $2.50 per bushel. He has a fine orchard on his magnificent farm. All and all the grandeur of the far reaching Prairie and the sweet scented breeze just up from the prairie flowers make such a country home as this a most pleasant place to live. Strangers visiting this portion of Illinois are impressed with the fertile and ever productive soil, the rich harvest, the ease in tilling such broad, level fields and the country round about. Mr. Tolles is a man of ripe experience and is well pleased with the country he has so long made his home and is perfectly contended to remain here with his kind wife and energetic and intelligent daughters and is one of the most hospitable man in Lawrence County.