Friday, December 16, 2016

Allison 1891- Isaac Noe

On November 8, 1891 the Vincennes Commercial ran a special section on Allison Township, Lawrence County. Six local men were featured in this article.  Each day this week we will be presenting one or two of these 'advertisements.'

Isaac I Noe, Farmer. In the northern portion of Russell Township, there resides a man like all men, who had the courage to enlist in our country’s cause. 

This man is Isaac Noe, who enlisted at the age of 16 as corporal of Company B 11th Regiment Kentucky cavalry volunteers. He was enrolled in June 1862 and after three years of hard fighting, he was honorably discharged from the Union service at Louisville Kentucky June 1865. Though a mere boy, he marched boldly to the front and offered his life, that we might enjoy our homes and firesides unmolested. In the early part of 1862 he was in the Morgan raid and with Burnside’s at the siege of Knoxville. In the spring of 1864, his command joined Sherman at Dalton, Georgia, and with him to Atlanta. 

From there he went with General Stoneman on a raid, when all of the command were captured by General Goods, save Col. Wolfred’s old brigade under the first Col. Adams and 11th Kentucky Regiment, which would not be captured, and cut their way out of the ambush and got back to Sherman’s command which was then at Marietta Georgia. Gen. Stoneman, having been exchanged in the meantime, was sent back to Knoxville with his command . Mr. Noe  with his command made a raid into West Virginia, and across Blue Ridge to Solsberry, North Carolina, and was stationed here when Gen. Lee surrendered to Grant. 

Mr. Noe’s Regiment chased Jeff Davis down into South Carolina, across the Savannah River where Davis’command of cavalry surrendered to the 11th Kentucky. Davis escaped only to be captured next day by Wilson’s cavalry. Though Mr. Noe saw hard service for three years, he returned home to his parents, who resided in Coles County, Illinois at the age of 19. In 1868 he came to Lawrence County, where he married Molly J Lemon the same year. He owns the farm he resides on, and has lived here since his marriage. He attends to his farm and raises stock, off of which he earns a good livelihood. He was born  in Grant County, Kentucky, where he lived with his parents until the war broke out. They then removed to Illinois and he enlisted in the cause of freedom and home.

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