Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Allison 1891- Gerhart Brothers

On November 8, 1891 the Vincennes Commercial ran a special section on Allison Township, Lawrence County. Six local men were featured in this article.  Each day this week we will be presenting one or two of these 'advertisements.'

Gearhart brothers, farmers and breeders of thorough-bred Jersey cattle

Basil Gerhart, father of the Gerhart boys of Allison Prairie, was reared in Maryland. When a young man, he immigrated to Ohio, where he married Miss Catherine Shoup and in a very brief time they immigrated to Indiana, but in 1869 he came to Lawrence County and settled on Allison Prairie where he purchased the present Gearhart farm. Mr. Gearhart was the happy father of 11 children, nine of which were boys. Seven boys and one girl are still living. Basil Gerhart died March 1883. Mrs. Gerhart still resides on the farm which is located on the Vincennes, Allison and Russellville mail route, 8 miles west of Lawrenceville and 8 miles north of Vincennes and 1 ½ miles northeast of Allison in Russell Township. The farm comprises 400 acres, is well improved, has a fine two-story brick residence and a large bank barn which is one of the very best barns in this section of the country. There is also a fine orchard of bearing trees on it, and there are but few better improved farms in the county. Mrs. Gerhart still owns the farm and has three of her sons home with her. The rest of her children are married and live in the immediate neighborhood. Joe and his brothers run and control the farm for their mother. They have the farm in high cultivation. They are also breeders of thorough- bred Jersey cattle, of which they have some of the best and finest for sale.