Friday, November 11, 2016

Workmen Discover Bones 1924

Lawrence County News
August 9, 1924

Workmen Discover Traces of Cemetery In Robeson Hills.

While removing dirt from Robeson Hills to build the shoulders along the new Lincoln Memorial Highway on the east side of the county, workmen uncovered parts of several skeletons last Thursday and speculation is rife as to whether more bones will be uncovered as the hill is removed. Some are of the opinion that an old Indian burial ground has been uncovered, while others think the bones are the remains of soldiers who were stationed on the hill about the year 1805.

Parts of four skeletons were uncovered Thursday, three in one place and one in another. The steam shovel scattered the bones so that it is impossible to tell whether they had been buried in a prone position or otherwise. There is no doubt they are human bones. One skull had a hole in the back, as though its owner had met a violent death.

Two or three flint arrow heads, a piece of pottery and two needles, one of them with a broken eye were also picked up. According to one of the workmen, the needles were made of a sort of reed, one of them about eight inches long, the other shorter in length. They tapered to a point and were symmetrical, showing great skill in their manufacture.  The pottery was broken by one of the workmen with a shovel.

Pieces of jaw bones contained teeth in a good state of preservation and when submitted to  a local dentist he said they had the appearance  of coming from a person 45 to 50 years old.  The roots were discolored, perhaps from some chemical in the ground, but the enamel was bright and the teeth were perfectly sound.

The bones were found about four feet beneath the surface on the south side of the hill.