Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Theft at LTHS during Sectional Basketball Tournament 1940

Vincennes Sun Commercial, pg 2, March 15,1940.

Arrest Solves Theft of Cash at H.S. Office
Sophomore Admits Taking $50 During Sectional Tourney

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ill. March 15---City police yesterday announced the solution of the theft of $50 in cash from the high school office here during the sectional basketball tourney last week.  The theft had not been made public until G. H., 15-year old sophomore, confessed that he had entered the office when no one was about Friday afternoon and stole the change obtained from the bank preparatory to ticket sale at the game that night.
   No charges had been filed against the youth last night, but Chief of Police, Stivers said he expected school authorities to press the case further today.
   The loss of the money was noted when Miss Clara Wagoner returned to her duties as office secretary after attending a teachers’ meeting from 3 to 3:45 Friday afternoon.  She reported at once to Superintendent M. N. Todd, who began a private investigation.
   Local police were not notified of the theft until Wednesday evening when they were given the facts by a local business man.  Within an hour and a half the youth was behind  bars and officers had in their possession nearly $40 of the school money.
   The youth aided them in recovering three five dollar bills from a new cigarette case he had purchased, $27 from under the floor of the coal shed and 60 cents from under his mattress.  Other portions of the loot were recovered yesterday and turned over to the Mr. Todd.

   The youth came to Lawrenceville last summer to make his home with his brother, after getting into several scrapes with police and merchants in Harrisburg, the home of his parents.