Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sale of Lots in Russellville 1837

October 21, 1837, a Vincennes paper advertised lots in Russellville for sale. There had apparently been an earlier sale and the proprietors wanted to give buyers another opportunity to buy lots at auction on Saturday, October 28.

“The lots then to be offered comprise many of the choicest in the town, lying on, and contiguous to, the river. The avidity with which lots sold in July, and the prices paid for them, evince the public estimation of the importance of the town, and furnishes additional evidence that ere long Russellville will rank in comparison with her older and wealthier competitors.

A large public hotel, with a number of other houses, are now in progress of building, on the addition, and the difficulty of obtaining workmen and materials at this time, only prevent the erection of many more.

To strangers and others unacquainted with this section of Illinois, it may be well to state that Russellville is beautifully situated on the Wabash River at the head of Allison Prairie, a body of ground unsurpassed in fertility surrounded by excellent timber, and cultivated by an industrious, enterprising and rapidly increasing population. The high bluff, on which the town is situated, has been for many years the depot of immense quantities of produce, destined for the southern and eastern markets. The river at this point affords at all times a first rate harbor for steamboats etc. Ferry boats are also about to be established between this point and the opposite shore, this connecting Allison on the Illinois with Shaker Prairie on the Indiana side.

The original town, lying farther back from the river, was laid off in 1825 before the present town site came in to market, and already entertains a steam saw and gristmill and number of stores etc. In a word, its situation on the Wabash River, and the Chicago and Vincennes Stage Road – – its commercial, agricultural and other local advantages, offer to the capitalist, the mechanic and tradesman, inducements for settlement and investment rarely to be met with in the Western country.

A plot of the town may be seen, and further information had, by calling upon either of the subscribers in Lawrenceville.

Terms: A liberal credit will be given if required, and particulars made known on the day of the sale.

EZ Ryan and J B Colwell 
Russellville-Sale of Lots-1837