Wednesday, November 30, 2016

River Frozen Over

The Vincennes Commercial, November 30, 1929
River East of Lawrenceville Frozen Over From Bank to Bank

Lawrenceville, Ill. Nov 29—For the first time in November in the memory of many of the oldest citizens the Embarrass river this afternoon was frozen over completely from bank to bank.
The almost unprecedented early cold wave slipped in overnight and citizens here awoke this morning to the realization that record-breaking November winter weather was at hand.  While there was no official thermometer to register accurately the degree of cold, some of the street thermometers indicated as low as four above zero.

  Ponds and branches in the county are frozen over solid and this afternoon the Embarrass river near the east bridge on highway 50 was a solid sheet of ice.  This is believed the first time in more than 35 years that the river has been frozen over completely at the time during the month of November.