Saturday, November 5, 2016

Research Library

Have you been to our new Research Library located at 1100 Lexington Ave, Lawrenceville ?  Now is the time to check it out. 

The staff at our new Research Library inspires our visitors to discover people who went before them--their ancestors. These dedicated and committed researchers who volunteer their time,   gather information and photographs from our vast collection to help people find their ‘happiness’. What does this mean? People come to us with hundreds of questions and they asked us what we have to offer as a research library.  They ask these questions because they have a desire to satisfy a curiosity or have a need to get to the bottom of a question. Whatever the reason for asking, they seem relieved and happy to get their questions answered and get the information they crave.  

The extensive collection at the research library includes family histories, newspapers, community histories, maps, photographs, periodicals from other genealogy societies, as well as over 15,000 obituaries, wedding notices, church and school news spanning several decades.  

The hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9-12 or by appointment. We receive no government funding; the county library tax does not fund us.  Donations are requested to keep the lights and heat on, so everyone can enjoy  this community resource.  

Send checks to PO Box 425, Lawrenceville Il 62439 or pay by paypal