Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mule Swallows Hat-Pin

Lawrenceville Republican August 29, 1907
Yearling Mule Has a Feast on One and Gets into Trouble

Dr. G. C. Meskimen, veterinary surgeon of this city, tells a very interesting incident as follows:
For the past four weeks, F. K. Miller of Russell has noticed that a yearling mule belonging to him was not doing well.  This week, a swelling appeared on the right side about six inches from the point of the hip.  In this situation Mr. Miller called Dr. Meskimen, Wednesday.  Upon examination, it was determined to lance the swollen place.  It was done and no pus was found.

While examining the injured part, a substance like a piece of wire was discovered sticking through the floating colon.  It was removed and proved to be an eight-inch long ornamental hat pin.  The mule had evidently swallowed it while eating hay and entering the tract head foremost the hat pin passed three-fourths of the way through the digestive tract without trouble.  In the colon, however, it became so turned as to thrust the point two inches through the intestine.  Since the tract is 92 feet long, it had gone through 70 feet of it without hurt.  The animal is doing well since the operation.