Thursday, November 3, 2016

Milligan Monument Works

(The following newspaper clipping is not dated.)

Milligan Sells Monument Works

Tom Mills, Former Employee, Purchases the Lawrenceville Monument Works; Now in Charge

Tom Mills, well-known agent for Western Southern Insurance Company, has purchased the Lawrenceville Monumental Works from Rory N. Milligan and taken  charge Tuesday morning.
Mills was for several years associated with Mr. Milligan and understands the business thoroughly. While with Milligan he learned the art of designing and lettering monuments, and placing the memorials in the cemeteries.

Mills was employed at the Lawrenceville County News for a number of years and was later a salesman for Sears Roebuck and Company in the Lawrenceville store. On recent years he has been the agent for Western Southern Insurance Company. His groundwork with Milligan as a builder of memorials, and his experience as a salesman, meeting the people, will specially fit him for the business he has purchased.

The Lawrenceville Monumental Works is one of the oldest businesses, if not the oldest, in the city. It was established by A M Milligan in 1898 and was conducted by him until his death in 1928. At that time the business came into the hands of the son, R N Milligan, who has since been in charge. However, R N Milligan was associated with his father from his youth, leaving school at the age of 18 to enter the business with the father.

The Lawrenceville Monumental Works was first established on a lot at about the location of the Lawrenceville- Veteran Taxi Company; later it was on the east side of the square; again on N. 12th St.; and and in 1909 the building was erected on 1213 State Street especially for the plant and show room. (Ed Note:  It was still located there in 1941. In 1956 the city directory indicated it was located at 1417   7th St, Lawrenceville.  Tom Mills was still operating it until at least 1972. )

A M Milligan was a stickler for good workmanship and soon gained a reputation as an erector of artistic memorials. His son followed in his footsteps, carrying out the ideals of the father.

R N Milligan took an active interest in the National Association of Monument Builders of America, served as president of the Association in 1941 and 42, and was for many years a member of the Board of Directors.

Mr. and Mrs. Milligan will take a long rest before entering any other line of business. Milligan decided last summer to either closeout or sell his business in order to be relieved of all the worries. The deal with Mills is a consummation of his decision of last summer.

Although Mr. Mills is now in possession of the business, it will be several days before he is able to close up his position with the insurance company and assist in establishing his successor. Until that time Mr. Milligan will be on hand to assist as he also finishes the details in connection with closing a business of more than 50 years.

The Lawrenceville Monumental Works has a modern shop. A sand blast machine of the latest design is used for lettering and cutting, and hoists do all the lifting and moving of the heavy pieces of granite.

All the work in connection with the business is understood by Mr. Mills and taking over the business will be much like returning to a job he once held.