Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lawrenceville's Ball Team 1899

From the Robinson Constitution

JULY 5, 1899
Hershell Rash, of Birds, was in Hardinsville last Sunday evening buggy-riding the girls. Mr. R. is one of Crawford's teachers and we hope to see him again.

JULY 12, 1899
Attorney W.A. Thompson of Birds, was in the city last week. The indications are that Mr. Thompson will soon become a resident of Robinson as a member of a firm to be formed with one of our well- known attorneys.
The old settlers Association of Birds will hold their second reunion at Birds, August 19, 1899. Speeches by E. Callahan, J.B. Crowley and Joe MacHatton of Robinson and Col. Foster of Lawrenceville.

JULY 26, 1899
Robinson defeated Lawrenceville last Thursday afternoon by a score of 19 to 11. The Lawrenceville boys brought an air of confidence with them that was laughable to behold. Henderson, the Robinson pitcher, toyed with them during the first five innings. He permitted them to pile up nine safe hits and scores 10 times. He discovered that the friends who accompanied the boys from Lawrenceville had some spare change. Hence he fixed the bait for them. Then after they swallowed, hook and all, he got down to work. They failed to score in the 6th, 7th and 8th innings and only by a scratch scored one run in the 9th. The home team ran in nine in the 6th inning and two in the 8th, leaving the visitors eight behind. The visitors got out of town on the local that evening with empty purses and a badly shattered stock of confidence. The next time they visit Robinson the CONSTITUTION suggests they leave their "rooters" at home until they learn that it is ungentlemanly to swear in the presence of ladies.

AUGUST 9, 1899
J. Wagner and wife of Chauncey, have moved their photography gallery to Hardinsville.

AUGUST 16, 1899
Lawrenceville strengthened its team and came up again last Saturday for the second game, but Robinson defeated them by the decisive score of 19 to 3. The bends, shoots, slants, and drop's of Henderson's balls (Robinson pitcher) were as much of a mystery to the visitors as brick grammar is to a hobo.  (Ed note:  not sure what this means...)

Lawrenceville team players:  
Goswold-first base 
Ruddy-second base
Cox-right field
Plowman-third base
Ryan-center field
Carr-short stop

AUGUST 23, 1899
It is said they estimated the people who attended the Old Settler's reunion at Birds last Saturday by acres. They had a big time and Uncle Felix Wampler was the star attraction. He had spent several weeks in fitting a wagon with appliances to illustrate the old time method of converting flax into rope, etc.
Judge Barnes of Lawrenceville was in Hutsonville Monday and contracted with the Brick and Tile Co. for five carloads of brick to be used in the construction of a business room in that city.

AUGUST 30, 1899

Firman Wampler, of Lawrence County, was a visitor to the reunion last week.