Monday, October 10, 2016

Plank Road Troubles in the 1850's

Plank Road Troubles in the 1850’s.

On May 20, 1857 the Weekly Vincennes Gazette ran the following article written by the editor:

May we inquiry why this road is not repaired? The grading and bridging has been washed away in several places by the high water during the winter, and as yet so far we know, nothing has been done towards repairing the damage.

On August 29, 1857 Sealed proposals were requested from interested parties who might want to lease the Plank Road.

By the fall, (October 7, 1857) the Lawrenceville Banner started complaining about the road:

The board of Supervisors has appointed inspectors to examine and report on the condition of this road. It is now and has been for long time past, an insufferable imposition, and …measures have been taken to declare it a public nuisance. It was alleged that the road has been forfeited to the State for the non-payment of taxes.

The Lawrenceville editor then blamed the people in Vincennes:

The stock in this road is owned chiefly in Vincennes Ind., and it would seem that without keeping the road in repair, or even the payment of the country or State tax, that they expect to keep a hungry cormorant on this detestable road, demanding pay for the gracious privilege of risking life and limb on this public thoroughfare. Our people have submitted to the imposition too long; and we rejoice that this subject has, at last, fallen under the notice of persons who will enforce the law.

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