Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Goody-Goody Hair Pulling between Two Ladies in Birds 1909

Lawrence County News February 25, 1909

Birds, Illinois

Most of the west side of our village had business in 'Squire Milligan's court in Lawrenceville Friday. 

Master Lee Shank was charged with maliciously using a poker on the person of one Mrs. E. F. Storey during an old-fashioned goody-goody hair pulling between Mrs. Storey and Alice Shank, mother of the lad.

 It seems that just as the villagers were awaking from their peaceful slumbers they were attracted by the screams of terror from the combatants. During the fracas some of the smaller lasses of Mrs. Shank succeeded in depriving Mrs. Storey of some of her hair, and one person was heard to remark afterward that the little Shanks resembled pussycats after a feline jamboree, with their hands full of fur.

 But to put a finishing touch upon the scene, it seems that Master Lee, who had been waiting for an opportune time to show his "pokeristic" ability, landed on the almost hairless scalp of the defenseless lady.  

As a result he was summoned to make an appearance before the High Court of the 'Squire' and prove the justice of his chivalrous accomplishment, and the court assessed an award of $3.50 for his deed. 
Everything is now resting in quiet and happiness in the region of the west end.


            The Lawrence County Historical Society will hold its monthly program meeting on Monday, October 24, at 7:00 p.m., at the History Center on the corner of 12th and State Streets in Lawrenceville.  Ryan Cox, minister at Pleasant Ridge Christian Church, will be the guest speaker.  A former high school history teacher, Cox will discuss how events in Europe resulted in the migration of a family whose descendants helped to found Pleasant Ridge in 1834, and 180 years later, continue to be active members of the congregation.

            The meeting free and open to the public.