Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dark Hollow and the Flood Wall

Do you know where Dark Hollow is in Lawrence County?  The researchers found out while they were researching the Floods of Lawrence County. And by the way:   Have you seen the Flood Wall at the History Center.  It is so informative.  When we first pitched the idea of our wall to our Smithsonian consultant, he  said "WOW.  I had no idea you had that many floods."   You may not have ever thought about it either, but you will after you view the wall! 

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Vincennes Commercial Sunday March 7, 1897

The devastation on account of the awful rain of Thursday night is general. Alarming reports come from all directions. Bridges have been washed away, the roads flooded and the roadbed in  many places washed out, cutting off even land travel, so that farmers could not reach the Vincennes Saturday. From all directions came reports of washouts and of bridges being washed away.

The wagon road at Dark Hollow, in Lawrence County is ruined and is impassable. The Vincennes and Russellville Road runs along between the riverbank and Jackson's Hills. For a mile or two 
the situation was frightful to  timid people when on their first journey that way. On one side flows the Wabash, and on the other side the hills rise almost perpendicularly in places. A narrow roadway has been cut in the side of the steep hills.  About 3 miles above Vincennes at a place called Dark Hollow, a landslide occurred, and covered up the road. This has completely cut off all travel on that road.