Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's Movie Time!

Movies now Showing at the New Theater in the History Center.

If a visitor comes in for a tour of the History Center anytime during the Smithsonian Exhibit, our movies may be playing depending on the time. Because of the length of the private tours, you may not have time to see any of them, or even the particular one you want to view, not to mention sitting there and watching all of them.    By request we have decided to run the movies this Saturday at certain times, so if you have one in particular you want to see, you can drop by at that time. They are all free so stop by and sit awhile!   

Saturday September  17 --10:00am and again at 1:00pm -- The Making of Red Hills Lake  This 17 minute film was produced by the State of Illinois in the 1950s, and we had no idea what it looked like, at first, because we had no way to play it. It was sitting in our archival vault in a metal silver, 8 mm film canister.  It could have been just blank film or it could have been a really great piece of local history.   Brian Straub drove the film to Cincinnati to have it digitized, and because it had no sound, a script was written and Ellen White and Marsha Walton added sound to the film.  (The sound effects are amazing! Remember when it was first made it was a “silent color” film.)

Saturday  September 17, -- 10:20am and again at 1:20pm -- The Story of Wabash Pearl Fishing  This 25 minute  film was produced by the state of Indiana in the 70’s and tells the story of the pearls from interviews with local mussel fishermen, jewelers, and shell dealers.  (There is also some vintage footage of the Holiday Inn in the background.)

Saturday September 17  --10:50am and 1:50pm -- Interviews Produced by the Red Hill and Lawrenceville High School students.  This is the Smithsonian grant project that won them,  the right to state on their college applications that they, the Lawrence County students, had been chosen as one of only six groups of students in the NATION to produce a project for the Smithsonian.  We are so proud of them! The project leader was John Clark, the Red Hills advisor was Tammy Parker and the Lawrenceville advisor was Katie Kiser. Stop by to see and hear some of our local residents share their water experiences in the production: Water Ways. 

The movies will be shown at the History Center located on 619 12th Lawrenceville, IL  62439.  Call 908-208-2372 for more information. (Donations are cheerfully and gratefully accepted!)  

Lawrence County Historical Society is now making reservations for the Water/Ways bus tour through flood-prone Allison Prairie, the former George Field Army Air base, Lake Lawrence, the crossing where Abe Lincoln first came into Illinois, and past an eagle's nest. 

Cost is $10, seating is limited. Reservations may be made at the History Center.  The tour is being offered two different Saturdays, September 24 and October 1 with two tours each day; one at 10:00 am and one at noon. What are you ‘wading’ for…sign up now!