Thursday, August 11, 2016

Joe Ross Shot by Mrs Ellis Bennett 1909

Lawrence County News October 14, 1909

Allison Township is stirred up over the shooting of Joe Ross (colored) by Mrs. Ellis Bennett at her home Monday afternoon. Ross was taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes where his life now hangs in the balance. 

Various rumors are afloat as to the cause of the shooting, but we are unable to verify any of them. 

Ross is married and has been making his home on the farm of Mrs. Bennett for a number of years. He is a well educated man and the inventor and patentee of a hay bailer and cornhusker that is now being manufactured in Vincennes. 

Ross had been drinking the day the shooting occurred and the most plausible story is to the effect that Mrs. Bennett ordered him from the premises and when he refused to go, she shot him.

Lawrence County News November 11, 1909

Joseph Ross, (colored) was arrested by Sheriff Vandament.

(Ed Note:  No information has been found about whether Mrs. Bennett was charged with almost killing the man.......)