Tuesday, August 16, 2016

For the Genealogists Part 2

The following news items were gathered from microfilm at the Lawrenceville Library about 38 years ago by Mrs. Carl Curry from the newspaper, the Rural Republican The story/news was titled News from Purgatory.

January 15, 1903 Andrew Walls is visiting his mother here. Ms. Sarah Boarman and sister were guests of Mrs. Walls last Tuesday. Miss Maude Perry, teacher at the Cole school, spent the holidays with her parents in Mattoon. Myrtle Anderson, after spending a few days’ vacation at home, returned to her work Monday. Mrs. Cora Anderson and sister, Lewis Portee and George Payne pass through here Sunday. The residence of T Vancleave’s burned a few days ago. It was a total loss as no insurance was carried. Mr. and Mrs. in Starks, of East St. Louis, were visiting here the past week. They returned to their home Friday. Many attended the Social at the residence of Charles Boarman last Thursday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Starks.

February 19,1903  C Boarman has quite a cold at this writing. Lewis Harris is on the sick list at this writing. Samuel Casey spent a few hours in Vincennes, Friday. I guess several had quite a jolly laugh over their valentines. WM Howell was the guest of Mrs. Mahalia Portee, Friday evening. Lincoln Payne and wife and daughter passed through our place, Saturday. Mr. Mitchell and wife spent Saturday night with her brother, George Wells and wife. Mrs. Alice Casey of Pinkstaff, who spent a few days with her mother in Eldorado, returned home Friday. Mrs. Allie Goins who has been visiting Kentucky for the past year, has returned to reside with her relatives.

February 26, 1903 Lewis Telles of Gibson visited his mother here a few days. Herman Goens spent the night with Liss Mitchell, Saturday. Lewis Clingman gave Mr. Howell a short call Sunday morning. Mrs. Bond and daughter, spent the day with Mrs. Howell, Thursday. C Boarman and Mr. Bonds transacted business in Vincennes Friday. Mrs. Anna Casey and family were guests of Mrs. McGiffin Friday. Neal Casey, after spending a few weeks in Princeton, Indiana returned home, Saturday. Mrs. C Boarman is bothered quite a deal with rheumatism and is hardly able to stay up.Little Bernice Meeks is quite ill at this report. Mrs. Mary Payne spent Sunday with Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Howell dined with Mrs. Alice Casey, Sunday. Grandma Payne is feeling some better at this writing. Kate Neighbors was the guest of Daisy Payne, Sunday. Uncle Isam Payne saw Mr. Boarman on business Monday.

March 5, 1903   Lewis Harris called on Mr. Russell, Friday. Mrs. Mahalia Portee called on Mrs. Boarman, Thursday. Mr. Meeks and wife are happy parents of a fine girl. Lewis Clingman was transacting business in Vincennes, Saturday. Mrs. Jane Anderson called on Aunt Lizzie Anderson, Tuesday. Samuel Casey and wife passed through our vicinity, Wednesday. Aunt Lizzie Anderson is dangerously sick with pneumonia fever. William Howell and wife transacted business in Vincennes, Thursday. Miss Mable Clingman was a guest of Miss Sarah Boarman. Mrs. Nanny Green and Mrs. Allie Gowens spent the night with Mrs. Walls, Monday. David Cox and Emery Tann were seen going through our vicinity, Monday on their way to Vincennes. Uncle Isam Payne has been engaged in making maple syrup for the last few days and has had quite a good success. Emery Tann brought out some new furniture Wednesday, to his cottage on the Prairie, where he will make his home. Mable Clingman and Sarah Boarman had quite a jolly horseback ride, Saturday, which they enjoyed with much pleasure. Mr. Boarman and wife received a letter from their son Clarence, who has been gone for three years in the Philippine war, as the leader of a brass band, and now has returned back as far as Montana and is doing garrison duty.

March 19, 1903   Mrs. Beda Mitchell is sick at this writing. John Meeks passed through our vicinity, Friday. Mrs. Sarah Jones is sick at present writing. Charles Boarman was shopping in Vincennes, Thursday. Samuel Casey, wife and sister called on Ida Payne. Lincoln Payne and wife spent Sunday with her mother, Aunt Mary Payne. Commodore Russell left Saturday for Princeton, Indiana where he will work this summer. George Wells and wife and Ms. Della Casey, spent from Saturday until Sunday, with her sister Mrs. Beda Mitchell.

March 26, 1903   Purgatory     C Goins was in Vincennes, Saturday. Mrs. Miretta Portee is quite ill at this report. Mrs. Cora Payne dined with Mrs. Boarman. Miss Myrtle Anderson is sick at present writing. Miss Minnie Bonds spent Sunday with her parents. Mr. Meek’s family was visiting in our section, Sunday. Samuel Casey and wife spent a few hours in Vincennes, Friday. Lee Anderson purchased a horse at William Pinkstaff’s sale, Saturday. Miss Nealie Casey leaves Tuesday for Oblong, to stay with her sister. Liss Mitchell and wife spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W M Howell. Dr. Russell and family were transacting business in Vincennes, Saturday. Aunt Martha Higginbotham has returned from Emison, Indiana, and is very low with consumption. Miss Maude Perry closed a very successful term of school at Cole, Wednesday, which her scholars gave her a fine dinner and an interesting program and also a festival at night. She returned to her home in Mattoon, Thursday.