Wednesday, August 10, 2016

City Jail: Hotel for Hobos

Daily Record
January 21, 1927
City Hall No Longer Hobo Asylum

New Equipment In City Jail Will Mark End Of Hobo Regime

"The City Hall will no longer be an asylum for homeless hobos," it has been announced by the police. Today Gray Brothers began work on re-equipping the jail room. Old mattresses and bedding were burned and new have been purchased. New toilets are being installed and hereafter the jail will be kept in such a condition that a decent person can spend the night there without coming forth covered with vermin or anything else that is likely to infest such a place.

Prior to this time the jail room has been used as a sleeping parlor for bums who make the place their regular headquarters. Consequently, the place was not fit for a man with clean habits to stay in. The improvements will mark a new regime in jail methods Mr. Stivers says. 

Improvements will be completed by the end of the week, if it is possible. 

(Ed Note:   Think Otis Campbell, the town drunk in the Andy Griffin Show who always let himself into the town jail to sleep it off....)